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Our Story

Nob Hill Decorative Hardware is truly a family owned and operated business.

Building the Dream

Nob Hill was conceived from an idea by Arthur and Clara Bendel of Saint Paul Minnesota in 1962. They traveled to a brass foundry in the North East to procure product and develop leads to foundries in Europe. In 1963, Author leased a space on Nicollet Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, and he named the store Nob Hill, after the beautiful area of Nob Hill in San Francisco. Arthur stocked his store with ornate door knobs and cabinet hardware with fancy escutcheon plates and brass trimmings to go everywhere in a home. As the decorative hardware future started booming so did the migration to the suburbs.

In 1973 Nob Hill moved to a newly established strip mall in Edina, Minnesota. The new shop was larger so the product line increased dramatically. Nob Hill was devoted to the solid brass decorative door and cabinet hardware, adding beautiful bathroom accessories. The new Nob Hill was displayed so uniquely that many designers came to photograph the store for its display designs. Arthur was only able to enjoy his new success for a year before he passed away.

Passing the Torch

Nob Hill was passed on to his 2 daughters. Even though the store was struggling the sisters took the reins and were able to achieve success. After two years, the youngest daughter lost interest and sold her half of the business to Beverly Bendel Fishman.

A few years later the store’s general manager left to pursue other interest. Beverly’s son, Fred Fishman had been working part time while putting himself through college. When he came in to the shop and found out that the manager was gone, Fred sat down at the desk and took over for a seamless transition. The store progressed from hardware and bathroom accessories adding plumbing fixtures, catering to designers and contractors as well as the home owner.

The Texas Transition

In 1982 Beverly decided to expand and the 2nd location was opened in Dallas Texas. The doors opened in September. Nob Hill was successful and Beverly was traveling constantly back and forth between the states. So in 1984 the family decided to move south. They sold the business in Minnesota and the family moved to Dallas. By 1985 the transition was complete.

A second Dallas location was opened in 1986. The University Park area at the Inwood Village Shopping Center was chosen. Beverly was again looking for a manager when her youngest daughter, Annette stepped in after graduating from The University of Wisconsin. Annette Flick runs the Inwood Road location and Fred Fishman the Lovers Lane Store.

Beverly has since retired. The two stores share the common goal to display and sell some of the best quality plumbing and hardware products in the world. Nob Hill Decorative Hardware is a truly owned and operated family business.